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Thanks so much for contributing "No Pineapples Left Behind" to the bundle for racial equality and justice! I've been having fun going through and reviewing the different games in the bundle on my indie gaming site, and this was a really memorable experience!

Please feel free to reach out if there's anything in the review you disagree with or would like updated. 

What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for the review.

Like some of the other commenters, I can't get past the 'make $1000' level because there doesn't seem to be any way to actually make a profit.


I'm seeing this comments from a game design perspective, and yet, as a teacher in schools...there is a lot that is impossibly beyond my control. Feels oddly appropriate.

Idem Nebby. I don't pass the "Make $1000" tutorial. :/


Seems like it would be an interesting game, but making money or not is more a result of completely random chance than any action taken by you.  On the second tutorial level I kept failing because following the instructions exactly still usually results in failure. You shouldn't fail a tutorial by following the instructions exactly.

Perhaps it's making a statement.
It sucks if you can't move past it though.

Couldn't get past the "Make $1000" tutorial to the interesting stuff; not sure what I was doing wrong. Didn't have enough time to drag the $ back up.