v1.2 Update

  • The game supports multiple font sizes; at runtime, the game will choose the largest font that will fit on your monitor.
  • Latin characters are in the Inconsolata typeface.
  • Fixed: You sometimes teleport to the wrong side of the map when moving from one map to another.
  • Added a message when you drink poison.
  • Wells ל and Poison Wells ל are always visible.
  • Improved the colors of ground tiles, plants, structure backgrounds, and sin messages.
  • Changed the quit key from Esc to Ctrl + q.
  • Removed optional --big argument that didn't actually do anything.


azazel-windows.zip 49 MB
Version 1.2 Mar 01, 2020
azazel-osx.zip 41 MB
Version v1.2 Mar 10, 2020
azazel-linux.zip 54 MB
Version 1.2 Mar 01, 2020


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